Finished the sandblast cabinet

Since last time I’ve posted, I’ve finished the sandblast cabinet. Here’s how it looks when it’s done.



How I got here from my last post was once I built the basic shell, I lifted the hopper inside the cabinet and attached it.

Sandblast Cabinet 034 Sandblast Cabinet 035

Before moving on to cutting out the openings for the glass and holes for my arms.

Sandblast Cabinet 036

I made some tabs on the door sides which would give the door clamps something to pull against.

Sandblast Cabinet 039


After this came some metal prep



and getting a coat of primer before winter set in and shut me down.



While I couldn’t paint during winter, I was able to make some progress. Using a hole punch, I created the openings for the electrical boxes for the lights.

WP_20130106_007 WP_20130106_008 WP_20130106_009


That’s it for the sandblast cabinet. I’m off to my next tool, a Coldsaw Station because I’m tired of cutting steel on the floor.

Here’s a rough idea of what it’ll look like.



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