Rear Cab Mount

This is the 2nd project I started. I drew 3 different versions of this part to be cut out.

Rear Cab Mount

The top version is designed to be bent in a press. In this part I’ve used the “bend allowance” to locate the two holes in the side wings. The two holes that are vertically aligned, these are the holes that bolt to the frame rail. The cab will bolt through the holes in the wings. These holes in the wings need to align perfectly.

The first version I’ll bend up to see if I measured it correctly. The second version without the holes in the wing, I’ll just bend up, and then drill the hole through the two side pieces. This way I’ll make sure the holes line up.

The third version is a weld up one and that’s the project I did next.

Weldable Rear Cab Mount

Here I’ve layed the part out on my worktable. The side pieces are held upright and square to the table by using two small magnets. The aluminum square at the top of the photo is used to align the top edges of the 3 parts. Running through the two side pieces is a 3/8″ center punch, just to make sure I aligned the holes.

After welding it together, here’s what I ended up with. Not bad.

Welded Rear Cab Mount

I’m not sure you can tell in the photo, but here is mistake #2. The holes that allow this part to be bolted to the frame, are off by about and  1/8 of an inch. I’ll have to check how the cab bolts to this part to see if there is enough play or if I’ll have to remake this part.

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