Shop air

After getting the cutting torch and drill press I was in the mood to solve another problem I was having at the shop. Not enough air.

I have a 30 gallon Craftsman compressor that I bought a few years ago for the house. When I moved into the shop I took the compressor with me with the idea that I would eventually replace it with a larger compressor.

When my dad and I had our shop we had a 5 HP 60 gallon compressor and a media blast cabinet. It was great but the compressor wasn’t a true 5 HP and it would struggle to keep up with the compressor, or keep a dual-action sander running. So I was looking for a real 5 HP or larger.

I wanted a Champion compressor, but those things are really expensive and buying new would really cut into my truck budget. But since Karen turned me on to Craigslist, I thought I’d look for a slightly used one.

Boy did I luck out. Not long after I started looking, a used Champion came up for sale on Craigslist. It was in Garland and was just refurbished by an air compressor company and looked to be in great shape. I took an hour off for lunch with the idea of driving over there and making what I thought was an obscene offer. Well they took my offer and now I had to get my new compressor over to the shop in Fort Worth.

When I got to the shop I was able to locate a neighbor who had a fork lift and they were kind enough to unload it for me in the shop.


  1. #1 by Ian Foreman on August 3, 2011 - 5:41 am


    Just a quick intro if I may. I live in a small town called Mallow in Ireland. I have been investigating building a vintage pickup truck (1956 Ford F-100). However there is no ready supply of donor vehicle here in Ireland and as such I will need to start from scratch. The WAF (wife approval factor) is low so I cannot go out and spend money to get an old vehicle imported. So I have looked to start this buildup with a rolling chassis which is quite doable here in Ireland.

    To this end I would like to pick your brain about the dimensions and construction of the frame you are currently undertaking, if I may.

    If this is OK could you please email me so that I could contact you to discuss how we can do this.

    Thanks in advance


    Ian Foreman

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