Cutting torch & drill press

Last week I had finished prepping the sides to the frame rails and was ready to lay down the 2” x 1/8” flat-bar that would serve as the top and bottom of each frame rail. After trying to bend the flat-bar I realized I would need some heat to make the job easier and to keep the flat-bar in shape while I tack welded it together.

After pricing what a new oxy/acetylene torch was going to run, Karen started looking for me on Craigslist. She found a guy in Cresson, TX who was selling one. He also had a 18” Delta Drill press for sale which I also needed. I only had this small 10” drill press at the shop and while it was functional, it just didn’t have enough oomph to do what I needed it to do.

Since Monday I was off for Marlin Luther King Day, we drove out to Cresson to pick up the new tools.

He told me he was near the “old Pate Museum” and I asked why he used “old”. He told me that the family has shut down the museum at the end of 2010. A couple of months back I was thinking about going out to visit the Pate Museum. I remember going to Pate with my family when they used to have the Pate Swap Meet held out there. I must have spent a lot of summers in my childhood going to Pate. It was always my favorite swap meet and it must have been my dad’s because I remember us going numerous times.

We picked up the tools and dropped them off at the shop before heading home.

  1. #1 by Eric Duncan on May 12, 2011 - 12:12 pm

    Two good finds on Craigslist. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the museum.

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