Hood Hinges

Today started off cold and wet and after an unsuccessful attempt at buying a cutting torch I couldn’t do much with the frame so I decided to work a bit on the truck.

My neighbor Jaime came over and we replaced the hood hinges and put the hood back on the truck.

The previous owner told me that the hood hinges were for the 53-55 F-100 and by looking at them side-by-side, I would have to agree that they are not the same.


I purchased these last year along with the door locks and striker plates. These needed fine thread 5/16 nuts which I didn’t have, so off to Arrow Bolt & Supply to pick some up.

While I was there I decided to pick up some nylon (locking) nuts as well. (man I really need to take more pictures for my blog posts)

We mounted the hinges and started to hang the hood when we ran into problems. The hood has captive nuts where the hood bolts connect the hinge to the hood, but over the years I guess they had rusted but someone in the past had cut out the captive nuts.

Taking the hood off again I took some fender washers and welded the 5/15 nuts to them (picture?) and then welded it to the hood (pictures?). After dressing up the welds we were then able to attach the hood.

Here’s where we ended up today.


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